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Museum Shop/Front Desk

You will find the front desk and museum shop by the entrance. You can buy tickets as well as find information about the museum and buy a cup of coffee here.

  • Siri Giil Rolland / Stiftelsen Museum Vest

Front Desk

Payment methods

You can pay with cash and card. The museum accepts Visa and Mastercard.
You can also book a ticket here


A visit to the museum starts with a film that lasts 25 minutes. The film has english subtitles and is an introduction to the North Sea Traffic and Telavåg. 


Average time used on the exhibitions are 30-45 mnutes. 


Free Wifi. Name:  DigitaltMuseum   Password : museum365

The Museum Shop

In our museum shop you find books, locally produced honey, handknitted socks, toys for the children and a lot more.  

The Museum Café

There is always a cup of coffee waiting for you when you need a small break. 

The coffee shop is open during the opening hours of the museum.

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